3 Ways to Engage Canada's Tech Companies in Global Development

Lessons for Canada from the G20 Investment Summit

Why It Matters

Canada’s role in emerging markets needs inspiration. According to Digital Opportunity Trust founder Janet Longmore, deeper engagement with home-grown technology companies could serve as the perfect jumping-off point for Canada’s development organizations working abroad.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"3 Ways to Engage Canada\u2019s Tech Companies in Global Development. Attending the G20 Investment Summit, held recently in Berlin, I was impressed at how German companies were collaborating \u2014 in partnership with the German government \u2014 to invest in skills development in emerging markets. This is resulting in job creation and sustainable business models that are aligned with both purpose and market ambitions. Canada must not be left behind. However, our presence in emerging markets is far from encouraging and is mostly limited to our mining and extraction companies , our construction sector (for example SNC Lavalin), and our transportation giant Bombardier. There is more that Canadian industry can do, particularly in markets that are establishing thems

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