It’s the 10th anniversary of global Black Philanthropy Month. Founder Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland shares the ups and downs — and what’s next.

Dr. Copeland shares about the organization’s calls to action for the philanthropic sector — and why it is that Black philanthropy is so under recognized in the first place.

Why It Matters

Canadian philanthropy underfunds Black-led and Black-serving communities. Black Philanthropy Month’s emphasis on philanthropic equity can inform structural changes to Canada’s sector.

The Black community has a history of practicing philanthropic giving, but are not always on the receiving end of it. 

Since 2011, Africans and generations of African emigrants have sent more than $40 billion to their ancestral homes. Despite individual commitment to investing in Black communities, the philanthropic sector gives significantly less. 

Between 2010 and 2019, African NGOs received 14 percent of grants from non-African donors and

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