Why this founder wants you to focus on peer learning, not just networking, in 2021

We sit down with the creator of collaborative learning platform Braindate

Why It Matters

Much of the social impact world’s learning and development happens through connection — learning from others in the field, and having deep conversations. A pandemic makes that difficult, but not impossible, says e180’s Christine Renaud.

This story is in partnership with e180. 

Christine Renaud had been offering her company’s Braindate service — a ‘concierge’ on-site at big conferences and events to help attendees connect with and learn from one another — for nine years when the coronavirus pandemic hit early last year. 

“We started seeing that one country after another was closing large events, and that week of March 10, we lost all the events we were working on,” Renaud says. “But then, our clients were still turning to us and asking us, ‘What do we do now? We want to go virtual, but nobody knows how.’ It was not a thing to have virtual events. There weren’t best practices for virtual experiences like there are in in-person events.” 

So the Montreal-based company did what man

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