Scorecard: Does budget 2022 offer communities the support they want and need? Social impact leaders weigh in

15 leaders give the budget a score from one to 10, based on how well it supports Canadian communities

Why It Matters

With a slew of issues facing Canadians, ranging from the economic impacts of the pandemic to systemic racism, the social impact world waits for the release of the budget with bated breath to see how it purports to address these issues.

The federal government has released its budget for 2022, and the new spending plan shows support for causes like economic recovery, climate action, housing (the biggest-ticket item, at $10 billion), and – likely due to the agreement with the NDP – even dental care.   

But what about other policy changes and funding the social purpose organizations have asked for? Does this budget support the communities those organizations work with?  We asked 15 social impact leaders this question — and to give the budget a score out of 10. Here’s what they told us:

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.


Andrew Chunilall

Chief executive officer, Community Foundations of Canada (CFC)

Score: 7/10

I’m happy to see…

The increase in the [disbursement quota (DQ)] floor for assets

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