#BuildBackBetter Digital Conversations: Driving a forward-looking recovery

Announcing Future of Good’s new webinar series

Why It Matters

In this time of pandemic and rapid change, dialogue and sensemaking help us understand what’s happening around us, and the new choices ahead of us. #BuildBackBetter digital conversations on our collective recovery, including international perspectives, grassroots expertise, and people with lived experiences to better understand how communities are evolving — and how social impact work should adapt.

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It’s an uncertain time for communities, and for the organizations that serve them.

The pandemic has revealed the fragility of the social impact sector’s capacity, infrastructure, and resources to respond to COVID-19 and its cascading effects post-pandemic. Charities, non-profits, funders, co-operatives, and social enterprises are scrambling to keep up with demand, reposition themselves, and to keep their doors open amid uncertainty. 

Not only have challenges like food and housing insecurity, unemployment, racism, digital divide, mental illness, and precarious workers’ rights been highlighted and exacerbated, but the sector that’s best positioned to help has also been fundamentally stretched and challenged. 

In partnership with Community Foundations of Canada and United Way Centraide Canada, Future of Good hosts a series of digital conversations between July and November, in a webinar format, for social impact organizations to understand the dramatic changes communities are facing in the next 12 months, and to envision the ways social impact organizations should adapt in order to support a forward-looking recovery.

We’ll examine a range of topics including: the new social determinants of health, youth leadership in recovery, supporting collective mental health and loss, bridging the digital divide, and power, privilege and belonging.

It’s time to #BuildBackBetter.


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