Calgary foundation splits with community foundation network over position on endowments

Calgary Foundation said in a June letter that their board tried to resolve the organization’s differences through conversation, but that an “absence of any change” on the part of Community Foundations of Canada led them to believe they had to part ways.

Why It Matters

Calgary’s departure from CFC sends a strong signal to the network’s other 190-odd community foundations: if you don’t like CFC’s position on endowments, you’re not alone. The move could lead to further division on the question of foundation endowments broadly, stymying attempts to encourage philanthropic organizations to increase annual disbursements to the community.

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In late June, Calgary Foundation’s board of directors voted to immediately withdraw from Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), the membership organization that represents Canada’s 190-odd community foundations.  

It was a rare move. Communiinty foundations occasionally leave the organization’s network because of a closure or a merger, but very rarely over philosophical differences. 

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