This Impact Lab is Transforming Calgary’s Social Sector

Design Thinking for Social Impact

Why It Matters

With limited resources and stringent competition for funds, social sector organizations are increasingly expected to do more with less, particularly during the current pandemic and economic crisis. In Calgary, The Social Impact Lab is encouraging collaboration over competition by bringing together non-profits and businesses. This is our sixth story in partnership with United Way Centraide Canada.

At the height of a global pandemic that has limited access to food for many Canadians, Scott Langill, Tiffany Neufeld, and Patrick Cloutier took on a unique opportunity: a food-security focused disrupt-a-thon hosted by Calgary’s Social Impact Lab. 

Having seen first-hand the impacts of food insecurity through their work in the healthcare system, Langill and Neufeld, who are both nurses, entered the disrupt-a-thon in July — similar to a hack-a-thon, but without a focus on technology — and were joined by Cloutier, a mechanical engineer. They came up with the SolFood project — a sustainable urban farmhouse, which earns revenue through the sale of its produce and invests profits into creating a community space for food education. 

After winning the top spot in the competition, the three co-founders are now tapping into the expertise of United Way of Calgary and Ar

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