Can real estate move beyond greening buildings?

Moving beyond environmental sustainability

Why It Matters

Increasingly, real estate developers understand the importance of social impact in their work. But how can they expand their impact in a meaningful way, especially when moving beyond environmental sustainability to broader community benefit? This series on social purpose real estate is sponsored by Windmill Development Group, a real estate company with a triple bottom line approach that aims for zero ecological footprint.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Can real estate move beyond greening buildings?. Real estate developers, construction companies, architects\u00a0\u2014 while we may not consider them social impact organizations, they greatly influence the impact their projects will have on the communities around them . Whether they are driven by internal factors, such as the vision and values of their senior leaders, or motivated by market forces, such as changing customer desires, developers are not immune to societal shifts towards social purpose real estate (SPRE).\u00a0 Welcome back to Future of Good\u2019s series on SPRE. If you\u2019re just joining us, we invite you to read our introduction and first article, which look at examples of social impact organizations acquiring or leveraging real est

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