Is Canada The Modern World’s Most Successfully Diverse Country?

We’re Not Perfect, But We’re Way Ahead of Other Countries in Crafting Multiculturalism 2.0

Why It Matters

The world is looking for leadership in this fragile time and our culture of modesty isn't helping move the global yardstick of multiculturalism forward. Social impact leaders have a pivotal role to help Canada break out of its audacity shell and craft multiculturalism 2.0.

It is often alleged by nationalist politicians that multiculturalism has failed: in Hungary, in Italy, in Sweden, in France, in Brazil, in India, in the United States, and elsewhere.

It may be true that in other some countries, immigrants face tragic and difficult consequences — especially in countries that have not implemented the same inclusive legislative, cultural, economic, and social policies that we have here in Canada. In some countries, leadership have left immigrants to fend for themselves — or worse, actively excluded and ghettoized them.

But that is not our history here.

In fact, by many measures, Canada has in the past few decades been more successful than any other country at welcoming immigrants and re


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