Canada needs a complete foreign policy overhaul. Here’s why — and how.

The country needs to “set aside the intellectual architecture of foreign policy and its racist foundations”

Why It Matters

There’s been much talk in recent weeks about Canada’s Security Council seat loss, but humanitarian and international affairs expert Rahul Chandran says there’s a set of deeper questions to explore. How can Canada uproot the racist foundations its foreign policy is built on? Is its foreign policy truly compassionate? Is it future-proof for a post-pandemic world?

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Canada needs a complete foreign policy overhaul. Here\u2019s why \u2014 and how.. We\u2019re in the middle of another round of calls for a new vision for Canadian foreign policy \u2014\u00a0ranging from Allan Rock and Sergo Marchi calling for Canada to learn lessons from the Security Council campaign , to the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute and its list of ten questions for a foreign policy reset , to David Mulroney insisting that Canadians must be at the heart of Canadian foreign policy .\u00a0 These are all great. As Mulroney says, \u201cForeign policy for Canadians must be worked out with Canadians.\u201d Doing that, as Rock and Marchi argue, will require resources for consultations, and a real infrastructure. And of course, Canada must ask itself d

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