Federal government announces $31 million for community-led infrastructure projects that support local recovery

Infrastructure innovation for post-pandemic communities

Why It Matters

COVID-19 is changing Canadian communities’ infrastructure needs: outdoor public space is more precious than ever, public transit is unsafe for those vulnerable to the virus, and a connection to the internet has become a lifeline for many community members.

The federal government announced Thursday a new Canada Healthy Communities Initiative, which will provide $31 million to smaller-scale, community-led projects adapting local infrastructure for a post-pandemic world. 

The funding will be divided among projects that address three major themes. The first is safe public space, including projects that create new or improve existing public spaces where people can gather at a safe distance from one another. Secondly, the Initiative will invest in solutions that make transit — including walking, biking, and private and public transportation — safer and more accessible in the era of COVID-19. And lastly, funding will go to digital solutions improving local infrastructure through data and connected technologies. 

Those eligible for the funding include local governments, Indigenous communities, and non-profit community or

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