CanadaHelps annual report card shows donations are up by eight per cent, but need is increasing too

Nearly $19 million was donated in support of Ukraine through CanadaHelps in the first 40 days of the war, but contributions have since plummeted

Why It Matters

How Canadians donate to charitable causes is changing, which could help both donors and non-profits make longer-term financial plans.

(Photo: Josh Appel)

Small charities continue to see increased demand for services as more Canadians turn to charitable providers for basic necessities like food and housing, according to CanadaHelps’ recently released year-end report card, which also highlighted increased monthly giving through the platform.

As of November 29, CanadaHelps online channels had facilitated $308 million in donations — eight per cent more than in 2021. 

“We are heartened by the generous response from Canadians so far this year, however, with rising inflation and the resulting affordability crisis, charities are facing increased demand for services as well as rising costs of delivering those services,” said Jane Ricciardelli, chief operating officer and acting CEO of CanadaHelps. “With 22 per cent of Canadians expecting to turn to charities in the co

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