CanadaHelps now supports crypto donations for all of Canada’s registered charities. Here’s why (and how).

The platform is trying to use crypto as a way to bring in more funds from younger charitable donors.

Why It Matters

Charities are seeing donations from younger donors, especially those between 18 and 25, drop off. Meanwhile, crypto is becoming increasingly popular among this age demographic.

Canada’s largest donation and fundraising platform will now accept cryptocurrency donations for any of the country’s 86,000 registered charities, a move it hopes will close a ‘giving gap’ between older and younger donors.

As of May 18, donors will be able to give a donation of either Bitcoin or Ethereum to any charity listed on CanadaHelps. The platform said it will then immediately sell the crypto donation for Canadian dollars, send the donor a charitable tax receipt, and then disburse the donation to the charity in question. Because CanadaHelps creates a page for every registered charity in the CRA’s database, it will allow any of Canada’s 86,000 charities to receive donations through the platform. 

Some charities such as Pathways to Education, a national charity that helps low-income youth transition to post-secondary education, already accept crypto don

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