Canada’s Alarming Lack of Non-Profit Retirement Security

Helping Those Who Help

Why It Matters

Nearly two million Canadians have dedicated their lives to doing good in the non-profit sector. However, these same workers face a troubling retirement savings gap. How can we give these people the support they deserve?

A huge number of Canadians have dedicated their careers and their lives to the noble calling of helping others. Whether through a local YWCA that offers social services, a food bank, or an environmental non-profit, many workers are prioritizing “mission” and “meaning” in their careers over pay cheque and retirement benefits.

But while they’re helping others live healthy and financially secure lives, is there more our governments and social sector employers can do to help them?

Let’s take Lucy, for instance, as an example of a non-profit employee living with financial insecurity. She’s worked tirelessly in the non-profit and charitable sector for 30 years. Today, she runs a small women’s shelter in Winnipeg that offers care and support to women and families in moments of great crisis, vulnerability and poverty.

Lucy puts in long hours

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