“Overworked and undervalued,” Canada’s caregivers are on the brink of a collapse, says report

The most recent Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence report paints a picture of the fragile caregiver landscape in Canada today, how COVID worsened the situation, and what is needed for better caregiver support.

Why It Matters

Caregivers, both paid and unpaid, support some of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities in Canada. As 69 per cent of caregivers reported deteriorating mental health last year, a collapse of the formal and informal caregiving system would be catastrophic for communities across the country.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"\u201cOverworked and undervalued,\u201d Canada\u2019s caregivers are on the brink of a collapse, says report. \u00a0 This independent journalism is made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship on community resilience, supported by Co-operators. See our editorial ethics and standards here . Liv Mendelsohn never thought of herself as a caregiver in the formal sense.\u00a0 Still, she was born into a caregiving role in an intergenerational household, taking care of her grandmother who developed Alzheimer's. \u201cCaring for her was just part of my childhood, part of growing up and really shaped how I think about family in many ways,\u201d says Mendelsohn.\u00a0 She also cared for her mother who had ovarian cancer, through navigating the he

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