Canadian Centre for Nonprofit Digital Resilience to receive $1.2 million in funding, to enable sector-wide digital transformation over three years

Why a major bank, a technology company and philanthropic foundations are involved in these funding partnerships.

Why It Matters

Dedicating funding to digital transformation means that non-profits are able to reach clients that are situated more remotely, or home-bound. It also allows them to invest in tools and technology that increases the organization’s efficiency, which has a knock-on effect on the impact it is able to have.

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The Canadian Centre for Nonprofit Digital Resilience (CCNDR) has announced that it will be receiving funding from five organizations, to help it further its goal of building a more digitally enabled non-profit sector. The total funding that CCNDR will receive will amount to $1.2 million over three years, which each funder will distribute at different timelines over the course of

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