Canadian charities need to upgrade their digital games to upend giving declines

Why It Matters

Despite a spike in online giving at the start of the pandemic, charitable donations are by and large on the decline in Canada. Experts say organizations need to shore up digital skills and infrastructure to nurture relationships with donors.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Canadian charities need to upgrade their digital games to upend giving declines. This journalism is made possible by a partnership with Blackbaud. See our editorial ethics and standards here . Canadian charities have talked the talk about digital transformation for years, but with the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic they were suddenly forced to walk the walk. Yet it's clear that without adequate digital expertise and infrastructure much of the Canadian charitable sector spent the pandemic treading water in the face of a 'sink-or-swim' situation. Both in-depth surveys and plentiful anecdotal evidence reveal sector-wide shortcomings when it comes to investing in the strategies, skills, and infrastructure necessary to harness the potential of dig

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