Is the Canadian education system properly equipping the next generation of social innovators?

How non-profit organizations are supporting educators to foster social innovation in students, even in a pandemic

Why It Matters

In the face of a global pandemic that has upended the education system and equal access to it, specialized tools and strategies are needed now more than ever to nurture a new generation of social innovators. This is our third story in partnership with the Rideau Hall Foundation in celebration of #CanadianInnovationWeek.

The classroom of 2020 doesn’t only look different — much of it takes place in a completely different domain. In the wake of the pandemic, educators have been faced with the enormous task of transferring learning environments that value hands-on, collaborative work into the virtual world — or at least the physically-distant world. 

One big problem: experts say that hands-on, collaborative learning is key to fostering future social innovators. 

The good news? Teachers today may be better equipped than ever to meet these challenges. The Rideau Hall Foundation’s 2020 Canada’s Culture of Innovation Report found that while just 25 percent of parents felt that their teachers empowered them to think in innovative ways, 46 percent of students today say they do feel empowered. And 51 percent of students, compared


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