Here’s how each Canadian political party has promised to work with the social impact sector

Changing Canada’s refugee sponsorship priorities, reforming the CRA, and collecting race-based data are just some policy proposals that could directly affect the social impact sector.

Why It Matters

Canada’s social impact sector will need to work with whichever party wins power on September 20 — and they each have very different ideas of the sector’s place in Canadian society.

Each of Canada’s major parties are thinking about the social impact sector during this federal election — you just need to sift through the details to find out exactly what they’re thinking.

Still, the non-profit, charitable, philanthropic, social enterprise, and social finance sectors are rarely a major focus in federal election campaigns and 2021 is no exception. With the exception of the WE Charity scandal, it is possible the entire 36-day campaign will go by without a mention of the sector on the campaign trail. But the incumbent Liberals, NDP, Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois, and Green Party all do have a place for the social impact world in their election plans.

The Conservatives, for example, are keen on partnerships with civil society organizations for mental healthcare and refugee sponsorship, while the NDP want to launch community initiatives


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