These 8 Canadian startups launched to help those most vulnerable to the coronavirus

Big problems in need of solving are fuel for innovation

Why It Matters

COVID-19 has been an extraordinarily difficult time for startups — an estimated $28 billion in investments could dry up this year alone. The pandemic also presents new and pressing problems that need solving, an atmosphere in which social entrepreneurship can thrive.

In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought nothing but bad news for innovation. According to one report, 58 percent of Canadian startups have already been significantly affected by the crisis, and according to Startup Genome, up to $28 billion in startup investment could dry up this year alone. 

But at the same time, every crisis also brings complex and pressing problems that need solving — which are fuel for innovation. In a matter of months, the pandemic has surfaced gaps in the medical field to be addressed, revealed the limitations and possibilities of lives lived remotely, and challenged communities to come together during a difficult


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