Here’s how Canadian culture needs to change to tackle climate change post-pandemic

Can a culture of capitalism ever support a green leader?

Why It Matters

Climate change is headed quickly toward a point of no return. Polls show that Canadians don’t want to go back to normal post-pandemic — they want less commuting and less consumption, good moves for the environment. But can our capitalist culture support that kind of wholesale change?

I used to be certain that governments were failing us in our fight for a stable climate, and for the most part I still do, but thanks to COVID-19 I’ve gained new insight into the underlying roadblock that’s standing in our way.

There have been several polls lately about how people don’t want to go back to “normal” — how they’ve come to appreciate cleaner air, quieter roads and working from home. Sure, why not, it’s a poll — it’s not like you’re being asked to give something up or pay extra for your dream of a better future. So while we’re at it, let’s have Mondays off, free ice-cream and a baseball team that never loses.

To call

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