Announcement: We are #AllIn2019

Future of Good is a digital content partner for Community Foundations of Canada's 2019 Summit.

Why It Matters

The Canadian and global philanthropy movement matters for impact-focused initiatives. Community foundations are catalyzing, spearheading, and supporting change across Canadian communities.

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In a globalized world, local communities will be vital engines for growth, hubs for innovation, and environments for inclusion. Community foundations across Canada and around the world are catalyzing partnerships, spearheading bold initiatives, and helping to shape local and global futures.

We’re excited to announce that Future of Good will be a digital content partner at the 2019 Community Foundations Conference, taking place June 6-8 in Victoria. Future of Good will translate key insights from the conference into compelling content that matters to the world of social impact. #AllIn2019

Keep up with Community Foundations of Canada here and Future of Good here.

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