Small charities see challenges intensify as revenues drop, demand climbs

CanadaHelps launches Small Charities Week to give organizations the tools they need to optimize online giving

Why It Matters

Seventy-eight per cent of Canadian charities are classified as small charities. They provide programs and services across all sectors, including those serving vulnerable populations, advocating for the climate and protecting animals.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Small charities see challenges intensify as revenues drop, demand climbs. Joel Muniz , Unsplash A new survey is shedding light on the challenges facing small charities, as they grapple with rising inflation and the ongoing effects of the pandemic. The country\u2019s largest platform for online fundraising, CanadaHelps, polled more than 600 small charities this August and found that a growing demand for services, compounded by rising inflation rates, has intensified difficulties faced by many organizations with annual revenue below $500,000. \u201cMany Canadians may not be aware of the critical role that small charities play in communities across this country or how much they are struggling to deliver services,\u201d said Jane Ricciardelli, chief operati

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