5 ways to get social purpose organizations on board with climate action

Climate action needs a new identity, say social sector leaders

Why It Matters

Climate change will (and has already begun to) have vast implications on the social impact world. From rising food insecurity to homelessness to poor health, a range of gaps NGOs are working to close will be widened by the changing climate. To address this interconnected crisis, organizations across the social sector need to get on the same page.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"5 ways to get social purpose organizations on board with climate action. Climate change is not simply an ecological issue, nor is it only for environmental NGOs to tackle. The stakes do not begin and end with environmental conservation. A changing climate will have \u2014 and is already having \u2014\u00a0real, devastating impacts on people. It is widening existing social divides and creating new ones.\u00a0 And just as climate change is not a strictly ecological issue, climate action cannot truly succeed if it\u2019s relegated to the sphere of environmental NGOs. This was the consensus at a Future of Good #BuildBackBetter digital conversation last Friday to wrap UN Climate Week. Future of Good brought together four speakers to discuss how to make climate act

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