Everyone's problem: Climate change and the social sector

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Climate change is your problem.

It’s everyone’s problem. 

Climate change is not simply an ecological crisis. It has vast implications for human wellbeing, and therefore requires the attention of all social purpose organizations — including and beyond environmental NGOs. 

A number of social impact organizations issued a joint statement in July to root out racism, colonization, and exclusion in our sector. What would a joint climate leadership statement look like? The social impact sector has also responded quickly to the pandemic emergency. But how well have we collectively responded to the climate emergency? 

The inequities social purpose organizations work every day to end have already been exacerbated by a changing climate. Food insecurity has worsened, migrants’ rights have taken on new importance, homelessness has increased — and become more dangerous, and health outcomes for seniors and other vulnerable populations are lower. These are just a few examples. 

Climate action is rarely integrated into the missions and work of social purpose organizations. And probably for good reason — they’re dealing with today’s crises. But today’s crises will be amplified tomorrow if a massive, all of sector shift doesn’t take place in the near future. 

Featuring analysis, insights, and commentary, this special report unpacks the role the social impact organizations (beyond environmental NGOs) play in climate change — and climate action. 

Part one of this special report releases this Thursday. Learn about the state of climate action in the social sector. Click here to become a member so you don’t miss out.