Are Canada’s politicians ready for the urgency of climate change? 8 climate action leaders weigh in.

Leaders in Canada’s climate action sector share one thing they think should have been a major election issue

Why It Matters

Climate change is an emergency. And experts say that humanity has a small window of opportunity to avoid the worst of it. That means that the next few years of Canada’s climate policy — and who shapes it, according to what values — urgently matter.

With less than a week left before Canadians head to the polls, it’s pretty clear what have become major election issues — childcare, housing, the fact that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the election in the first place — and what hasn’t. 

While climate change and what constitutes a green recovery did get some airtime in last week’s debates, leaders have not met the magnitude of the crisis with equal urgency on the campaign trail, climate action and adaptation experts say. 

So, Future of Good asked eight such climate leaders: What’s one thing that you wish would have become a big election issue? Here’s what they told us.


What we’re going to do about water

“Water needs higher priority in this election. The last summer of intense drought, wildfires, and storms show how difficult the challenges the wor

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