Three Companies Leading Corporate Community Engagement in Canada

Placing authenticity at the centre of corporate giving

Why It Matters

Today’s employees expect the businesses they work for to move beyond the traditional model of donation-based corporate giving. Three Canadian businesses – Deloitte Canada, TD Bank, and IG Wealth Management – are listening, and changing the way they give back.

The recently released 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer report points to some very surprising statistics. Namely, that business is now the most trusted institution – a major shift in how we collectively think about global governance. This shift is taking place on both the corporate culture and consumer levels:  73 percent of employees say they want the opportunity to change society through their work, and nearly two-thirds of consumers identify as belief-driven customers. 

“We see that companies have an opportunity, one could even say a responsibility, to be catalysts for their many stakeholders, and to be involved in the community or involved as change-makers,” says Elizabeth Dove, Director of Corporate Citizenship at Volunteer Canada. Today, being that

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