Could a tech start-up helping refugees resettle in the U.S. and Europe help Canada?

“Everything we do starts and ends with human interactions,” say the founders of Pairity, an end-to-end refugee integration platform.

Why It Matters

The federal government plans to welcome half a million immigrants into Canada by 2025. This could dramatically increase the workload of settlement service providers and agencies. According to the founders of Pairity, this technology can be adapted to specific provincial jurisdictions and encourage a less biased approach to matching refugees to sponsors and community services.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Could a tech start-up helping refugees resettle in the U.S. and Europe help Canada?. This independent journalism on data, digital transformation and technology for social impact is made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship on digital transformation, supported by Mastercard Changeworks\u2122. Read our editorial ethics and standards here .\u00a0 According to its founders, a Canadian platform helping refugees resettle in the United States and Europe could help Canada find homes and support for refugee newcomers more quickly and effectively.\u00a0 It\u2019s still a \u201ccomplex intergovernmental problem,\u201d says Craig Damian Smith, who co-founded Pairity with Gotam Bhardwaj and Radboud Reijn. Pairity is a technology platform that uses a se

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