COVID-19 is accelerating our move to digital — charities must act now to keep up

Social impact organizations must keep up

Why It Matters

A shift toward digital ways of working, delivering services, and fundraising has been a long-time coming in the social impact world. But social distancing has accelerated it — and organizations that aren’t prepared won’t be able to keep up, writes Marina Glogovac, President & CEO of CanadaHelps.

We’re in a global crisis. It is changing day by day, even hour by hour, and the future looks uncertain.

As if the wide-spreading, galloping new virus is not enough, we now know that to contain it, we may have to pay the biggest economic price since the Great Depression. Already we are seeing millions of people out of work, and the service industry — which is the backbone of the Canadian economy — is being decimated. Combined with extraordinary levels of household debt, we have a perfect storm for a prolonged hardship.

But let’s not forget, as in any crisis, the most vulnerable in our society are hit the hardest and will be left behind — unless we consciously choose to not forget them no matter how tough it gets.

As we know from past crises and disasters, donations and volunteers are at the heart of emergency and post-emergency efforts in Canada a

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