How AI Will Benefit the Social Sector

The talk of “moral machines” and panic over AI is becoming the reefer madness of the social sector

Why It Matters

According to James Stauch, director of the Institute for Community Prosperity, the benefits of artificial intelligence for the social sector are getting lost in the larger discussion.

In the coming decades, many predict that we will reach the point of technological singularity, a moment where artificial intelligence will be sufficiently self-aware that machines will themselves create exponential leaps in technological growth, profoundly changing — or in darker forecasts, replacing —  human civilization. 

For those concerned with the health, resilience, and sustainability of the community sphere, the implications of this singularity, at first glance, seem terrifying.   

On closer inspection, the opposite may be true.

Since the end of the Second World War, more and more Canadians, as a percentage of the workforce, have been employed in the social economy, including voluntary associations, charities, quasi-public sector nonprofits (u

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