Letter from the publisher: Do we always need to challenge the status quo?

Have you heard of Larry Tesler? He didn’t have the athletic stardom of Kawhi Leonard. Nor did he have the political stardom of Chrystia Freeland. Tesler was more comfortable in the background. He is credited with a handful of inventions that have made our work lives insanely easier. Tesler, a pioneer of personal computing was credited with creating the cut, copy, and paste function. He passed away about a week ago at the age of 74 in San Francisco. 

Why celebrate Tesler?

Tesler was not nearly as well known even within the global technology community. He didn’t create a flashy product like the iPod or the Nintendo. But he was dedicated to innovations that simplified and improved work. He played an early, central role in making computers accessible to everyone. The cut and paste command was reportedly inspired by the old method of editing that involved actu

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