10 social impact funders on one thing they wish would become a major election issue

From protecting the oceans to ending money laundering, this wishlist might surprise you

Why It Matters

While it’s true that many of the promises federal candidates make on the campaign trail never make it into policy documents, when something becomes a major election issue, there’s pressure on the eventual elected official to act — and social impact funders say they need major policy change to boost the solutions they fund.

Social purpose funding rarely makes headlines on the federal campaign trail. 

While social policy is certainly a centrepiece to each party’s platform — as oppressed communities continue to live through the economic and social shocks of the pandemic — candidates are not debating some of the finer policy points that could have major funding consequences, leaders in the social sector say. Many of these leaders have spent the last year and a half coming up with new ways to fund solutions to the problems COVID-19 brought to communities, from community-led philanthropy to impact investing, social bonds, accelerator programs and more.

That’s why Future of Good asked 10 such funders: What’s one thing that probably won’t become a major election issue by Sept. 20, but you wish it would? Here’s what they told us.


Ending the boil wate

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