Why this organization is pivoting from helping people get jobs to helping them own businesses

Social Capital Partners’ new focus is on boosting employee ownership in Canada

Why It Matters

New data suggests Canada may actually be among the most economically unequal in the OECD — and COVID-19 has brought that inequality into stark relief. While tackling income inequality gets most of the focus and is one way to close the gap, it’s just as important to build tools and policies that target the other part of the wealth equation: ownership.

For most of Social Capital Partners’ 19-year history, we’ve focused on income and employment: helping people facing systemic barriers find good full-time work. And we’re still passionate about that topic — our workforce expert, Judy Doidge, continues to support many terrific demand-led employment and training programs. But the unfair outcomes that lead to ever increasing wealth inequality have two components: income inequality and capital or ownership inequality. Over the last couple of years we’ve started thinking more about the ownership side.

Rightly or wrongly, our observation is that a great many of the non-profit or charitable efforts to increase economic opportunity and reduce inequality are on the income side. Public policy also focuses there: universal basic incom

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