Employment support organizations are busier than ever during COVID-19. Here’s how they’re adapting to support even more people.

EMBERS and Causeway share how they’re supporting people without employment during the crisis

Why It Matters

Since March 2020, Canadians have lost one million jobs due to COVID-19. Employment support organizations, especially those serving already vulnerable populations, are working on overdrive to keep up, while pivoting business models in innovative ways.

More than one million Canadians have lost jobs since the pandemic began, and employment support centres are working on overdrive to keep vulnerable people who are facing job insecurity employed.

Studies show that Canada’s recent immigrants, Indigeneous populations, youth out of school, people living with disabilities or single older people are far more at risk of living in poverty, due to lower levels of education, poorer health, and higher stress levels.

Headquartered in Vancouver, EMBERS (Eastside Movement

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