Leticia Gasca, Co-founder Fuckup Nights, Talks About the Art of Messing Up

Is our culture of celebrating failure just giving us an excuse not to succeed?

Why It Matters

Director and co-founder Leticia Gasca quit her day job to grow Fuckup Nights, a global series to celebrate, liberate, and learn from what did not work. Failure is much discussed, but has the pendulum swung too far now? If we can accept failure, perhaps we have come to glorify it too much. Now, it’s about finding the balance.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Leticia Gasca, Co-founder Fuckup Nights, Talks About the Art of Messing Up. Take us back, what was the seed that led you to co-found Fuckup Nights? \u23f8 I was born in Mexico City and I was part of a middle income bubble, where you think you understand the world. Later, while studying business administration, I met women working as artisans in isolated Indigenous communities. I bought one of their bags and many of my friends complimented me on it. I thought I could start a social enterprise and I did everything by the book. I did a long business plan filled with assumptions, found partners, and investors, and after two years the business failed. Why? The financial planning was awful. \u00a0 What is it like for you when you had that realization? \u23f8 I was

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