Meet the next generation: Five young philanthropists on the future of giving

Young philanthropists on how their giving habits are transforming the sector

Why It Matters

Philanthropy is not known for having a young or diverse face. Changing this will require not only raising a new generation of philanthropists, but also understanding how these emerging grantmakers see philanthropy — and how they’re trying to change it for the better.

Philanthropy is not traditionally a sector for the young. 

When one imagines a philanthropist, the names of old, white families carved in marble come to mind: McConnell, Ryerson, Rockefeller, Carnegie. These families often spent vast sums of money building hospital wings, universities, and other grand public structures that would stand the test of time. Getting involved in the sector required a great deal of personal, often generational wealth that has been systematically denied to racialized groups. 

For many people of colour, accumulating this sort of capital and deploying it in pursuit of social or economic change has been far from easy. But that old reality is changing. 

Initiatives such as the Toronto Foundation’s Vision Next and the Association of Fundraising Professionals Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada are cultivating a new generation of p

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