Full Video: Climate leadership for the decade—2020 Future of Good Summit

Climate change is a social crisis. It’s already having devastating social impacts in the Global South — from forced migration to poor health outcomes to food insecurity — and it’s making its way north, too. Social and environmental problems are inextricable. It’s antithetical to social impact work to ignore the climate crisis, and to fail to take action on it. How can we merge social impact work and climate action, before it’s too late?

Speakers: Alison Cretney, Managing Director, Energy Futures Lab; Dale Beguin, Research and Analysis Vice President, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices; Regional Chief Kluane Adamek, Assembly of First Nations, Yukon Region

Moderator: Dana Decent, Project Manager, Partnerships, Community Foundations of Canada

Opening remarks: Chad Park, Vice President, Sustainability & Citizenship, The Co-operators

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