Full video: Wellness is still a taboo topic in the social impact world. This founder wants to change that for good.

An in-depth Q&A with the founder of a platform that doesn’t put a price tag on wellness classes

Why It Matters

Canadians, on the whole, are unwell. Our burnout, fatigue and stress levels are higher than the global averages. Meanwhile, many of the tools available to boost our wellbeing — exercise, mindfulness — are increasingly expensive and inaccessible, especially to groups who have been historically oppressed and marginalized.

What if there weren’t a price on wellness? 

That’s the big question behind daana, a platform that connects wellness practitioners and professionals — yoga teachers, meditation guides, dance instructors, and more — with clients. It also allows people to offer spaces for practitioners to host classes and sessions. 

And there’s no price tag on any of it. Users of the platform are able to sign up and access classes and only afterward give an optional, anonymous gift, 100 percent of which goes to the teacher, as daana is a non-profit organization.

daana’s goal is to make wellness accessible, but it goes deeper than that, too. It’s also about decolonizing wellness, embedding generosity into it, and subverting aspects of Western culture that make us unwell. 

Future of Good Publisher and CEO Vinod Rajasekaran sat down with daana Founder Bhaskar G

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