Full video: Youth, social impact work, and mental health—2020 Future of Good Summit

Youth unemployment in Canada reached a record high rate of 29.4 percent in May. Studies show that Canadian students who graduate into a recession earn 9 percent less over the course of their careers. The social impact sector, one of the fastest-growing sectors offering purposeful careers is estimated to grow in demand, even at this time.

Mental health, however, has become a critical factor for creativity and productivity in social impact work. Health Canada estimates that 11 million Canadians are experiencing high levels of stress, and close to 2 million are experiencing traumatic stress in the wake of COVID-19. Today, many young Canadians face increased stress levels while also being cut off from their usual sources of support, like in-person therapy or coaching.

Now more than ever, youth are looking for purposeful careers. But what does it look like t


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