‘Things can turn on a dime’: Six global development leaders on lessons learned in 2021

INGOs tackled numerous complex humanitarian situations around the world amid the climate crisis and a global pandemic.

Why It Matters

2022 will bring more intense climate catastrophes and a spike in global COVID-19 cases, among other disasters. In order to effectively manage both disasters and their effect on existing humanitarian emergencies, INGOs need to reflect on their performance this year.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"\u2018Things can turn on a dime\u2019: Six global development leaders on lessons learned in 2021. Canada\u2019s global development sector wasn\u2019t just juggling too many pots in 2021. It was putting out a kitchen fire one-handed while preparing a five-course meal and wondering whether it could afford all of the ingredients it needed \u2014 during a global pandemic, no less. Between famines in Afghanistan, apocalyptic forest fires in Greece and Macedonia, typhoons in the Philippines, and the uncontrolled surge of COVID-19 cases around the world, global development organizations worked tirelessly. On top of these disasters is a background hum of inequity around poverty, women\u2019s rights, and access to education.\u00a0 Global development organizations

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