Here’s how impact investors are responding to COVID-19

Conserving, retooling, preparing

Why It Matters

Like so many businesses around the world, social purpose companies are struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 crisis. Impact investors have an important role to play in helping social purpose businesses through the crisis — from staying afloat to finding ways to contribute to relief efforts.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Here\u2019s how impact investors are responding to COVID-19. As the world braces for a deep and lengthy economic downturn, of a scale we may have not seen since the 1930s Great Depression, impact investors are working out how best to respond and play a role in recovery. Like traditional companies, many social purpose businesses are struggling for cash, seeing their revenues drop through the floor, and having to make very tough decisions about cutting costs and laying off staff. We\u2019re seeing business leaders being forced to make decisions, trade off things like the health of their staff and impact on society with what\u2019s right for their business. But before this crisis, recent years have seen an increasing number of these companies set up to both

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