Here’s the new online portal that is building awareness around giving and volunteering data in Canada

Charities and non-profits can learn about donation and volunteer trends without sifting through Statistics Canada data

Why It Matters

For years, charities and non-profits have had to interpret raw Statistics Canada data on their own. Increased access to in-depth analysis allows organizations to better access and utilize scarce resources.

Canadian non-profits and charities now have a powerful new tool at their disposal when seeking to make the most of donor and volunteer campaigns — the Canadian Knowledge Hub for Giving and Volunteering.

The recently launched website aims to help everyone, including non-profit professionals and businesses, better understand giving and volunteering trends in Canada by highlighting evidence-based data and analysis. More specifically, the online hub is intended to raise awareness of Statistics Canada’s General Social Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participating, also known as the GSS-GVP.

“There is a real opportunity across the sector to be thinking about the ways data can inform our work, our visioning and our strategic directions moving forward,” said Megan Conway, president and CEO of Volunteer Canada, which is leading the data-driven engagement initiative

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