How not to do holiday giving: “charity tourism” and old socks cost non-profits time and money

Homeless shelters aren’t there to teach your kids a lesson and thrift stores don’t want your old mattresses

Why It Matters

Many people have the urge to help their fellow citizens over the winter holiday season. Thoughtful, well-informed donations can go a long way to assisting community serving organizations meet their clients’ needs, while unwanted items create a burden for service providers, however well intended.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"How not to do holiday giving: \u201ccharity tourism\u201d and old socks cost non-profits time and money. (Photo: Lance Grandahl) No one wants to seem ungrateful during the holiday season, especially charities reliant on public donations. But sometimes, one person\u2019s trash is just that \u2014 trash. And during the holiday season, misguided donations can multiply. Broken chairs, dirty linens, damaged clothing, old mattresses and unpaired running shoes won\u2019t find a home at your local charity and dealing with them takes time and effort non-profits can little afford. But communicating that to the public is a delicate task, according to those in the sector. \u201cIt\u2019s a common thread that isn't talked about because charities are generally very pol

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