How a small charity used forms and data to help 10,000 refugee claimants

Welcome Collective / Collectif Bienvenue’s director of development and impact, Rani Cruz, has built a data flow that captures the needs of newcomers and eases the workload for social workers.

Why It Matters

Collecting and integrating data from various sources into a CRM system can help an organization measure real-time community impact.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"How a small charity used forms and data to help 10,000 refugee claimants. A small Montreal charity was able to help 10,000 refugees and newcomers in 2023 thanks to a series of forms and data flows they designed to crunch the information more effectively.\u00a0 \u201cThere was a bunch of data that was interesting: where people were coming from; when they arrived; the makeup of a family and pregnancies,\u201d said Rani Cruz, director of development and impact for Welcome Collective.\u00a0 Welcome Collective \/ Collectif Bienvenue started when a group of friends came together as volunteers and has since grown into a staff of 16 people and a volunteer workforce.\u00a0 The organization works with refugee claimants in Montreal to help them build a new life in the

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