Inside TD’s new data program for nonprofits

Making better decisions

Why It Matters

The capacity to analyze data is increasingly important for social mission organizations, to ensure decisions are made based on evidence and foresight. While much of the private sector has been using data analytics tools, with businesses racing to have the best metrics, we are now seeing more non-profits adopting these practices — and TD has launched a new program to accelerate adoption.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Inside TD\u2019s new data program for nonprofits. Making use of data analytics couldn't come sooner to most non-profits. Data analytics comprises a series of tools and techniques that enable organizations to collect and analyze information to help them make better decisions. Businesses everywhere are racing to have the best data analytics, but it's hard for many non-profits to bring in strong data talent. This is why TD's new program that matches their data scientists and analysts with non-profits is so timely.\u00a0 TD has always been known for giving with a generous community program . \"We realized that we could give far more than just our service,\" said Peter Husar, who heads TD\u2019s analytics strategy. \"We knew that offering skills-driven volunt

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