How To Develop An Impact Measurement System That Actually Works For Your Organization

As we make progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, impact measurement matters more than ever.

Why It Matters

Despite several methods being used in the sector today, many organizations still struggle to meaningfully track and report impact. Why? There’s a need for measurement approaches that are standardized enough to be meaningful, yet contextual and flexible enough to account for unique impacts. Sara Olsen, founder of SVT Group, gives us an impact measurement primer.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"How To Develop An Impact Measurement System That Actually Works For Your Organization. In late June, the Government of Canada released a report called Towards Canada\u2019s 2030 Agenda National Strategy \u2014 an interim document that lays out several steps towards implementing the United Nations\u2019 2030 Agenda. It also includes a first iteration of the Canadian Indicator Framework, a collection of \u201cambitions, indicators, and targets\u201d that will help Canada measure its progress on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. While it isn\u2019t completed or in its final form just yet, the framework\u2019s development highlights an issue that\u2019s frequently raised in social impact. At the moment, beneficiaries and investors, as well as social enterpri

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