How to Recruit Youth to Your Non-Profit Board

Reshaping an industry

Why It Matters

By 2030, almost one in four Canadians will be seniors. Non-profit boards have major diversity gaps, including age, and it’s becoming increasingly critical for them to recruit youth. We’re here to help, with insights from our 2019 Youth Reshaping Governance list.

It’s no secret that non-profits have a major diversity gap. While women account for the majority of the sector’s workforce, men hold a disproportionate number of leadership positions, according to the first major study on the Canadian non-profit sector. When it comes to race, one US report shows nearly 90% of employees identify as white, with Canada coming close behind at 89%. 

When it comes to age, a study by Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada revealed that the majority of high school students (78%) are either indifferent or disinterested about pursuing careers in the

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