How to Recruit Youth to Your Non-Profit Board

Reshaping an industry

Why It Matters

By 2030, almost one in four Canadians will be seniors. To fill the gap, non-profit boards will need to bring on young people — not to mention address their lack of diversity in other areas, too. We’re here to help, with insights from our 2019 Youth Reshaping Governance list.

It’s no secret that non-profits have a major diversity gap. While women account for the majority of the sector’s workforce, men hold a disproportionate number of leadership positions, according to the first major study on the Canadian non-profit sector. When it comes to race, one US report shows nearly 90% of employees identify as white, with Canada coming close behind at 89%. 

When it comes to age, a study by Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada revealed that the majority of high school students (78%) are either indifferent or disinterested about pursuing careers in the

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