How Youth Want You to Transform Non-Profit Governance

Giving youth real power

Why It Matters

In order to thrive in an aging population, Canadian non-profits need to identify youth leaders and recruit them onto their boards. Below, six young community-builders share precisely what non-profits are getting wrong — and how they can improve, from evolving directorship elections to considering board member compensation.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"How Youth Want You to Transform Non-Profit Governance. As part of our exclusive series on youth leadership in non-profits, we asked young board members how they would transform non-profit governance. From offering compensation to abolishing Robert\u2019s Rules of Order (a standard for facilitating group decision-making, published in 1876), six young board directors shared their visions for the future of non-profit governance.\u00a0 Diversify your organization\u2019s leadership. The process of joining a board can make strong candidates feel excluded if they don\u2019t see themselves reflected in an organization\u2019s existing leadership. \u201cI personally had to push through a lot of feelings of inadequacy before I finally applied to be a board director, an

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