‘Horrific' hunger crisis in Somalia being overlooked by Canadian donors — here’s why, according to fundraising experts

“If it’s not about Ukraine, people aren’t writing about it,” says Richard Morgan, executive director of the Humanitarian Coalition

Why It Matters

Many humanitarian crises are long-term in nature, affecting millions of people around the world each year. Yet, experts say these “protracted” crises get much less media coverage than “rapid-onset” disasters, limiting their capacity to raise donations, and stymying efforts to help people who need support.

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"\u2018Horrific\u2019 hunger crisis in Somalia being overlooked by Canadian donors \u2014 here\u2019s why, according to fundraising experts. This journalism \u200b\u200bis made possible by the Future of Good editorial fellowship covering the social impact world\u2019s rapidly changing funding models, supported by Future of Good, Community Foundations of Canada, and United Way Centraide Canada. See our editorial ethics and standards here . Richard Morgan knew it was going to be a tough campaign.\u00a0 This past spring, Morgan, the executive director of the Humanitarian Coalition, an international development relief organization, was keeping tabs on the growing hunger crisis around the Horn of Africa; and the numbers he saw weren\u2019t good.\u00a0 Spur

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