Impact Insider #27: AI could revolutionize the social sector — but here's the catch

var TRINITY_TTS_WP_CONFIG = {"cleanText":"Impact Insider #27: AI could revolutionize the social sector \u2014 but here\u2019s the catch. This was originally shared in our email newsletter. To get news like this straight to your inbox, sign up here.\u23f8\u2587AI could become a core technology driving social change within the next decade. On Wednesday, DeepMind \u2014 an artificial intelligence (AI) research firm owned by Google \u2014 announced a breakthrough in AI-assisted healthcare: it can now accurately predict the likelihood of patients developing acute kidney injury, a life-threatening condition,\u00a0up to two days before it happens. While the tool was based on limited data (drawn from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and mostly male), it brings hope that similar tools could help healthcare

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